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Paula Wilson | QRCode Rug

Paula Wilson

QRCode Rug

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Two-color screen print with spray paint, Somerset Satin, white
30 x 22 in/76 x 56 cm
Edition 9 of 22

In collaboration with MassArt's Master Print Series.

This artwork is for sale unframed. For framing options please contact the gallery by phone at 212-226-6537 or email at

Paula Wilson is a mixed-media artist who studies and sources imagery from different cultures, geographies, and times to develop a unified, visual language of her own. Wilson frequently combines printmaking, painting, sculpture and video into her projects. Wilson works by collaging multiple forms of visual language together: ancient motifs, tropes from Western art history, and identifiers of her home in the New Mexico High Desert. Wilson has repurposed visuals associated with Greek myths, Impressionist paintings, and styles derived from the decorative and domestic arts.
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