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Jessie Edelman | Muse with Flower in her Hair

Jessie Edelman

Muse with Flower in her Hair

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Oil on canvas
30 x 19 in/76.2 x 48.26 cm

This painting comes from a series of Muses based on the goddesses of ancient Greek mythology. The idea of the muse has persisted in popular culture over the past millennia. In modern times, the artist’s muse has been understood as a beautiful and passive object of desire. Edelman turns this notion on its head as she reimagines the muse as the ultimate artist. These timely paintings celebrate female creative prowess, reclaiming the muse as a mythological hero.

A stylistic departure from her earlier paintings, this new body of work includes the muses painted larger- than-life, in lush, bold colors and dynamic, contrapposto poses reminiscent of Renaissance fresco painting. In Muse, Edelman continues to explore agency in the creation and viewing of an artwork. The artist’s earlier works repositioned the consumption of beautiful vistas through the gaze of a female viewer, questioning how the artist’s interventions into the composition of a painting could alter the layers of storytelling within it. Edelman’s work continues to question the circumscribed roles of author, subject, and inspiration.

Jessie Edelman was born in 1986 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received her MFA in 2013 from Yale University and her BA in 2008 from Skidmore College. She has had solo exhibitions at Denny Gallery, Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago and Robert Blumenthal in New York, and was in a two-person exhibition with David Humphrey at the Suburban in Milwaukee. Her work has been reviewed or featured in Brooklyn Magazine, Vogue and Artnet News.