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Dana Sherwood

Fly trap cakes (EV1/10)

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Silkscreen and watercolor on paper
11 x 15 inches/ 28 x 38 cm (paper dimensions)

This is a silkscreen in an edition of 10 with watercolor painted by hand afterwards to make the editions variable.

This artwork is for sale unframed. For framing options please contact the gallery by phone at 212-226-6537 or email at

Dana Sherwood’s work explores contact between human and non-human animals in order to understand culture and behavior. Her sculptures, video works, and watercolors portray ritualized feedings Sherwood performs for animals who live among or at the borders of human populations. She experiments night after night to serve a population of animals with decadent cakes, sculpted gelatin molds, and rare meats that they will enjoy, capturing their indulgence on film and making drawings of the encounters. The animals play a complex role as subjects and collaborators, asserting their visibility and desires even as Sherwood’s work theorizes about the Anthropocene, the current geological epoch in which human activity has caused substantial, irreversible damage to the natural world.

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