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Gallery Meets World | Ryan Lawson

Meet the designer who acquired a Russell Tyler painting for his client’s PRIVATE YACHT. Ryan Lawson was named one of New York Magazine’s best interior designers this year. In their reasoning for the recognition, they specifically mention his use of art as integral to his design work.

"I think it's obvious to most people that art gives a soul to the space it inhabits, but what's not as obvious is that if the furniture is done right, so does it!  A lot of art people think that furniture should only be quiet and serve as a background for the artwork.  But, I think that's a very narrow way to approach it - especially for a sophisticated art collector.  Even if it's neutral, an interior should be as muscular and as interesting as the artwork it contains.  These things should talk to one another - rise up and meet one another - and acknowledge that each element is enriched by the other!"  - Ryan Lawson

You can follow Ryan's work at @ryanclawson and on his website

Follow the whole series at #gallerymeetsworld