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Gallery Meets World | Nathaniel Brooks of Brooks Limited

“Brooks Limited is a New York City based interior design firm specializing in high-quality residential interiors. While our work encompasses a variety of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary we seek to bring a specific viewpoint to each project, incorporating our clients’ stories into the design of their homes. We seek to create a narrative in every project and an important aspect of this includes incorporating art into every room we design. Rooms are often built around a specific work, and we often use a painting as the genesis for creating a dynamic living space. We don’t believe a room is complete without art, and we often help clients begin or build their collections through the design process. We don’t think there’s a separation between art and interior design and enjoy the process of finding art that both enriches and challenges the spaces we work in. Often we find that the dialogue between art and furnishings helps us create spaces that are truly unique and an expression of the shared vision between our clients and our design studio.

Some of our clients are seasoned collectors, and some are just starting out, and we often rely on Denny Gallery to bring us artists who extend our vision from concept to reality. Their fresh and current perspective brings an excitement to the design process.”

You can follow Nathaniel’s work at @brookslimited and on his website

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